The main programme of the senior group is our Indoor Winds Ensemble. Indoor Winds is a fusion of music, choreography and traditional marching displays performed on an indoor arena about the size of a basketball court.

After performing as a regular Drum Corps for many years and competing throughout the Summer we took the decision in 2019 to make the transition to an Indoor Winds group.This allows us to be more creative and still offer our performers a competitive environment whilst allowing us to investigate and provide exciting performance opportunities throughout the Summer months.

We can accommodate the traditional Drum Corps brass, percussion or colour guard performers within the Indoor Winds set up as well as woodwind, singers or even guitar players if required.

We compete primarily within the Indoor Music Games (IMG) circuit which runs from March – May with shows held in sport halls or large school buildings. From 2020 and beyond we plan to compete in the Colour Guard Netherlands (CGN) circuit which holds contests across the Netherlands.

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In 2020 Cadence Winds will take a journey through the sights and the sounds of the underground with their latest production ‘The Subway’.

Creative Director Ian Butt says:

“I am very excited for what’s to come for Cadence Winds and to continue to evolve, educate and entertain not only our performing cast but our audience. The life of the underground is something that has always interested and inspired me, full of life, artistry, entertainment and most importantly passion.”

Our season will include participation in the Indoor Music Games / WGI Sport of the Arts UK circuit and a visit to the CGN Contest in Almere, Amsterdam.

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Cadence Graffiti