Orion Instruments

Orion Instruments offer a complete range of marching brass and woodwind instruments for almost any performing ensemble or marching band. With over 40 years’ combined experience in the Texas High School Band circuit, Jeff L. Henry and his team are able to provide tailor made quotes to meet your needs. The Orion team are committed to enabling you to double your budget if you choose to join the Orion Musical Instruments Family!

Listed below are the core marching brass instruments but please do not hesitate to contact us for a specific requirement or request for any brass or woodwind instrument including traditional upright facing instruments.

Orion Instruments

Endorsed by Orion Winds & Shayne O' Brien

Orion Winds is a non-profit performing arts organization based in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. The WGI Winds group was founded in 2018 under the direction of Shayne O’ Brien and Ethan Munger and will be competing in the Independent World Classification.  

Orion Winds strives to be an organization that is not only devoted to the development of a student’s abilities, but also to nurture the next generation of performers and educators while building life-long friendships and performing at a professional level. Orion strive to provide a safe environment which can amplify the rate of learning and success. 

Orion is a member of the NTCA (North Texas Color Guard Association) and WGI (Winter Guard International) finishing 4th place in WGI Winds Independent World Class 2019.



If you would like a quote regarding the instrument needs of your marching ensemble or performing group please use the contact form on this page. By using this form you will receive the special discounts reserved for new UK and European groups through our partnership with Orion.