Cadence Drum & Bugle Corps are excited to finally reveal their show for the 2018 season: i AM nature. After months of careful planning by our experienced design team we are happy to share this new direction for the Corps. We are also very pleased to welcome Ian Butt, one of the most successful Drum Corps designers in Europe, back into the Cadence organisation.

Nick Angelis, will also be joining our team as a programme consultant for 2018. Nick has a rich history in the Marching Arts as a performer, designer and clinician. We look forward to working with Nick in the coming months.

The show was revealed to members at the 2017 Cadence Performing Arts Annual Awards Evening but we are now eager to reveal it to the Marching Arts Community and the public.

i AM nature

We live in a world obsessed with humans, our actions and our achievements.

But we too easily forget about the thing that allows us to live and to grow on this ever evolving planet.

A thing that has been here longer than any of us ‘humans’.

And despite the huge impact our human actions have had, this remarkable thing survives and will forever remain more important than all of us… it is the thing we call ‘nature’.

Through the eyes and the voice of all that is nature, Cadence Drum & Bugle Corps will evolve to become one with the forces of nature and ask the audience to directly confront a nature that is demanding, not victimised.

The goal? To raise awareness and make our audience realise that nature can exist with or without us!

As we evolve and listen to our planet, we are proud to share with humanity our 2018 production…



2018 Design & Leadership Team

Corps Manager – Paul Riddell

Programme Consultant – Nick Angelis

Visual & Auxiliary DesignIan Butt, Bobbie Clifford & Roxanne Bicknell

Brass Arranger – Richard Coulter

Battery Percussion Arranger Vicky Batley-Spalding

Frontline Arranger – Joe Rodwell

Visual Caption Head – Bobbie Clifford

Colourguard Caption Head – Roxanne Bicknell

Brass Caption HeadEmma Batley – Spalding

Battery Percussion Caption HeadVicky Batley – Spalding

Frontline Caption HeadTammy Osborne

Percussion Caption ManagerTracey Benn

Music Coordinator – Clive Williamson

Our full staff lineup will be announced very soon including some exciting additions to the team for our USA Tour.

i AM nature is set to be one of Cadence’s most ambitious shows in it’s long and prestige history. This will also be the first full season as part of the newly formed Cadence Performing Arts group. Not only will i AM nature compete in the UK and Europe but will also see the corps travelling to the United State where they they will take part in the DCA World Championships.